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    Emmy Award for Special Visual Effects, “Babylon 5", television movie
    Television guest on TechTV, "The Screen Savers"
    MacManiaIV Geek Cruises, “FinalCut Pro: A Step UP”, instructor
    Siggraph Real-Time Live 2009, 2010, 2011, demo artist and speaker
    Siggraph Technical Sketch 2004, "SketchPose", speaker
    CHI Keynote 1998, "Interfacing the Artist", speaker
    Siggraph Electronic Theater 1990, "This is not Frank’s Planet", short film
    California State University, Chico
    Bachelor of Arts degree in Information Communications Studies (Telecommunications) and Journalism
    Rocket Kitchen, Freelance Creative Services – January 2013 to present
    Owner and Designer
    • Consult with engineers and inventors to advance their designs through 3D printed and laser cut working prototypes and models.
    • Key workshop components include four custom built 3D printers, a 700 x 500mm laser cutter, electronics design desk, and vacuum former.  
    • Industries worked with include entertainment, culinary, technology, and manufacturing.
    • Recently consulted on a kiosk hologram system for museums and public spaces. Key tasks included creating 3D printed prototype models and initial fabrication of machined parts.
    • In the culinary world designed and produced chef tools and molds for Wolfgang Puck at Spago and the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.
    Mousetrappe – October 2014 to March 2015
    3D Printed Model Builder and Animation Technical Director
    • Created a 60 x 36 x 36 inch 3D printed scale model of Disney’s Tree Of Life (LiDar Scan) for a video projection mapping attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom opening in September 2015. The 3D printed tree model was made up of 148 parts printed with a custom built 3D printer, assembled, and painted in four weeks time.
    • Front-end technical director in charge of set up and rigging of 10 hero characters for animation in Maya.
    NVIDIA DemoTeam – July 2007 to December 2013
    Project Director/Manager, Front-End Lead, Technical Director, Rigger
    • Created dynamic real-time demos to feature the latest and greatest in GPU technology. These real-time projects have ranged from technology showcases such as real-time tessellation to fully animated productions. 
    • Served as front-end lead/manager for the animation created for the real-time demos.
    • Responsible for finding, securing and overseeing outside contractors such as animators and modelers for larger projects. 
    • FinalCutPro editor and sound track designer on production based projects.
    • Speaker and demo artist showing our projects at Siggraph conference in the Real-Time Live show to thousands of attendees.
    Disney Feature Animation – June 1995 to July 2007
    Sr. Technical Director, Technical Software Manager, Rigger, Cleanup Animation, Compositor, and Lighter
    • Accomplished an innovative approach to character rigging bringing the world of cartoon and classic Disney animation together.  
    • Developed the character animation pipeline, rigging and facial animation system for the film “Dinosaur”.  
    • Completed 80 lighting, compositing and effects shots for "Dinosaur".  
    • Worked on two 3D stereoscopic films, “Magic Lamp” and “Mickey's Philharmagic”. These became feature attractions in Disney Japan and Walt Disney World Florida.
    • Technical R&D for the movie "Tangled" working on new character animation methods with artist and director Glen Keane.
    • Finished 20 lighting and compositing shots for the animated film ”Meet the Robinsons”. 
    • Technical R&D on the film “Bolt” creating new character skinning methods.
    • Speaker and demo artist at Siggraph conference.
    Boss Film - September 1994 to June 1995
    Sr. Technical Director/Animator
    • Completed three films at Boss Film working on character rigging and motion capture.  
    • Part of a team that created a real-time motion capture system for the film “Species”.  
    • Advised on motion tracking issues on the film “Out Break”.
    • Finished several final shots for the film “Water World”.
    Skellington Productions - Freelance 1994
    Technology Designer
    • Created a stop-motion video playback system for the film, "James and the Giant Peach." The system was a computer based digital video recorder that played back at 24fps, contained a video switcher, custom hardware controller and software interface.
    Palomar Pictures - Freelance 1994
    On Set Motion Capture Supervisor 
    • In charge of a team producing a fast paced high-end commercial for Reebok that was one of the first to use motion capture technology in conjunction with live action actors.
    Colossal Pictures - January 1993 to September 1994
    Animator, Technical Director
    • Responsible for all aspects of 3D production, modeling, texturing, animating, lighting, and rendering. The finished results became national commercials for Hi-C, SGI, The Navy, Intel, Reebok, Nike, McDonalds and two seasons of MTV's Liquid Television.
    Foundation Imaging - June 1992 to November 1992
    Animator, Foundation Imaging
    • Achieved an Emmy Award for the pilot of “Babylon 5”. This pilot was a revolution in how digital effects are created for television production.  
    • Using limited resources (10 Amiga computers) created a render farm, modeled, animated and rendered over 70 final shots for the movie.
    California State University Summer Arts - June to August 1990 and July 2009
    Computer Animation Faculty
    • Taught computer graphics and animation technique classes to college students during this 8-week hands-on program.
    • Helped students create 2D graphics design, multimedia presentations and 3D animated films.
    • Maya, Softimage, Alias, and many other 3D applications, Photoshop, FinalCut Pro, most Adobe and Apple software, digital camera technology, Unix, Linux, Windows, OSX, basic electronics, basic C and Python, Arduino, various motion capture systems, and other interesting graphics software and future technologies
    • 3D printing specialist and printer builder
    • Beta-tester in 2010 for Chevrolet Volt and current member of General Motors Volt Customer Advisory Board
    • Food stylist and photographer as a hobby
    • Formally trained chef and high-tech cooking gadget enthusiast