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    Colossal Pictures & MTV's Liquid Television

    I had the pleasure of working for one of the coolest production companies on the planet, Colossal Pictures in San Francisco. At no other company have I ever worked on such wacky and fun projects. In my two years I helped create about 20 commercials, a 3D ride film, and two seasons of MTV's Liquid Television. Fun times.

    Here are two episdoes of The Block Heads that I made in the summer of 1993. A few fun facts: The animation was created with a pre-pre-pre motion capture system in Menlo Park. Before this show the system was mostly used to analyze golf swings. Another highlight of this project was working with Mark Mothersbaugh from Devo to create the soundtrack.

    NOTE: Flash is required for these clips. Trying to fix this problem. MTV has hijacked my videos....they will be back up shortly.....


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    Get More: MTV Shows