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    Electric Cars & The MINI E

    I've been a fan of electric cars from the first day that a friend let me drive his EV1. They are extremely fast, fun to drive, and help out the planet at the same time. The problem is that after all of the EV1's were crushed, no manufactuer would step up to the plate to build one. Well, luckily in the last 5 years a flood of electric cars have hit the roads.

    In 2009 I noticed online that BMW/MINI Cooper was making a test fleet of fully electric MINI E's. A dream come true. Only problem is that there were only 500 of them and only 200 in SoCal and you had to qualify for a zillion things to get one. I applied anyway and was happy when I was selected for the test program.

    Simply an amazing year of driving electric.

    Here is one of my first drives in this rocket fast electric Mini Cooper! I really do miss this car!